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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Any upfront fees due upon booking?
    No, book your clean hassle free no upfront fees. Please note an invoice will automatically be sent out as soon as your service is booked. Payments will only be due prior to service if you selected you are not going to be there at the ending of your service on booking form, if you are there during the end of service you can pay your pro before they leave.
  • How to know which service to book?
    Look over our checklist to decide what services your home could use. Call us if you need help deciding.
  • What if my service takes longer than time estimated at booking?
    Time listed on booking form is an estimate, we understand every home is different. Rest assured your price will not change based off the time.
  • Can I book for multiple places?
    Yes, they will have to be booked individually. Repeat booking steps for each place you need cleaned.
  • Can I request the same cleaning Pro for every job?
    We aim to keep the same team at your home to make it easier for both parties. But due to scheduling and several other factors you might not get the exact same Pro every time. Rest assured all our Pros are excellent in customer relations so you will be happy with every Pro you meet.
  • How to book a commercial cleaning?
    Give us a call at 404-735-6686
  • How to book a residential cleaning?
    Click on the residential link on menu. Click on the call to book or book online button. Book online only Pick your county. Input how you heard about us. Fill out the booking form. We will email you over a confirmation email.
  • How to book with Groupon?
    Click on Residential link on menu. Choose call to book or book online now. Book online only Pick your county. Input how you heard about us. Fill out the booking form. We will email you over a confirmation email.
  • How to cancel cleaning subscription?
    To not be charged for the following month you must cancel before your next billing cycle. You can cancel in your 1. Member service area. 2. Emailing 3. Calling 404-735-6686.
  • How do subscriptions work?
    Booking a subscription is a great way to save on your cleaning services. You will be able to customize which service you want , date, and time. With no long term obligations or contracts involved. You receive priority booking over all clients with last minute appointment option available.
  • How to start a cleaning subscription?
    Either give us a call or book online. Book online only Click Residential on menu. Input county Input how you heard about us. On the booking form choose cleaning subscription on the discount tab. Follow the steps on booking form. All payments are due on the day you choose for your plan to start.
  • What happens if a Pro breaks something?
    Rest assured that you and all your property are insured and pros are trained to stay away from fragile items.
  • Do you clean up after pets?
    We love our pets at Swifty, but for the safety of our Pros we are not able to handle animal or human waste or bodily fluids.
  • What to expect during my service?
    You will be sent email pdfs with a Get Ready Before Your Cleaning pdf, Checklist pdf, and we are available to answer all questions remaining.
  • Do I have to be there during my service?
    No, we understand you have places to be. We have ways to communicate with you for a smooth entry for Pros without you there.
  • Difference between booking on groupon or website?
    Groupon is booked based on hours, the website is booked based off completing an entire checklist in home.
  • Is my price Guaranteed?
    Yes, your price is guaranteed.
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